Topkapi Palace Visiting Info

Everything you need to know before visiting Topkapi Palace Museum

Topkapi Palace Tickets, Hours & Location

Opening hours

Topkapi Palace Museum Opening/Closing Times:

April to November: 09:00 – 17:30*

November to April: 09:00 – 17:00*

*These are last admission times, the museum shuts down all galleries following 30 minutes.

Ticket Prices

As of May 2022, the ticket price on the Topkapi Palace ticket windows is 320 TL. (At that time of this raise, it was equivalent of $20 and €19)

The tickets for the Harem Section at the ticket windows are 150 TL. Harem Section could be entered only inside Topkapi Palace as its sole entrance is just next to the Divan.

How to get there?

Most of the areas around Topkapi Palace are off-traffic. So, everybody needs to walk a bit. Nearest tram (T1) station “Sultanahmet” is always the best option to come.

If you are going to use Google Maps to come to Topkapi Palace Museum: target this link!

Where are the Collections inside Topkapi Palace?

Locations of Most Famous Collections inside Topkapi Palace are as follows:

  • Royal Arms & Jewelries (2nd courtyard)
  • Clocks (2nd courtyard)
  • Kitchens (2nd courtyard)
  • Holy Relics of Islam (3rd courtyard)
  • Grand Treasury (3rd courtyard) (Closed for Restorations)

Testimonials about Topkapi Palace

One of a kind place to be in the world. Very interesting to know about with its long history.


Try to spare at least 2 hours. The gardens, exhibitions and Harem take quite some time. Especially the view at the end. Impressive.


Online Tickets for Topkapi Palace

Tips from Local Experts to Know for Topkapi Palace Tours

There are various things to know about Topkapi Palace before your arrival that would save your time and maximize your experience.

First, unlike the later modern European Palaces, Topkapi Palace is not a large building with halls and corridors. Instead, medieval Topkapi Palace is more famous for its vast gardens. These gardens are surrounded by former administrative and residential structures that house amazing collections.

So, do not expect to follow a series of hallways indoors. On the contrary, you will need an orientation to find your ways around the courtyards. If you know where to go before getting there, you can chose the collections and pavilions to see. If you try to find and visit all the collections there, you will need more that 3 hours.

In order to be prepared for that, you can download the audio tour app via the links here:


Topkapi Palace Audio Guide App


Topkapi Palace Audio Tour App

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