What is Topkapi Palace?

Topkapi Palace had been the house of the Ottoman Dynasty in Istanbul for 4 centuries. It is consisted of several courtyards in an extensive area that is is surrounded by 5th century walls built during the time of Roman Empire.

Its exceptionally located terraces present most magnificent panoramic views over the famous Bosphorus and Golden Horn too.

Today, the area of this former palace welcomes guests as a unique museum complex, which amazes its visitors with its characteristic architectural and decorative elements. There are several collections scattered around its gardens that amaze their guests. 

How to discover Topkapi Palace?

Topkapi Palace Museum is made of gardens covering a total area of 700.000 m2. The gardens are surrounded by collections and galleries. Meanwhile, Topkapi Palace had been the house of administration and royalty for almost 4 centuries. Therefore, its buildings are quite layered in terms of time and taste.

So, everybody needs a plan! Otherwise, it would take a long while to understand “where is which collection?” or “what do all those decorative details mean?” Moreover, all around the Topkapi Palace complex, there are several museums. All in all, you have to be prepared and here is what you need to know!

Harem of Topkapi Palace

Harem as the Residential Quarters of the Sultans and Queens of Topkapi Palace reveal the living quarters of Topkapi Palace. The decorative arts make the visits feel like a time-traveling experience.

The visitable part of the Harem covers Imperial Hall, Royal Bedroom, Bath Houses of the Queen Mother and Sultan, Terrace of the Favorites, Concubines Dormitory and many more…

For visiting the Harem Section, there is a second ticket needed in addition to the regular Topkapi Palace tickets. At the ticket windows before the Harem, the official price is 150 TL. There is no separate single ticket for the Harem, because it could be only entered inside the Topkapi Palace Museum.

Topkapi Palace Museum Galleries & Gardens

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